Killer Plan – completed 2015

Set in 1997, ‘Killer Plan’ is an adventure thriller about Sam Walker, a 27 year old Canadian woman on the run from international criminals.

Sam is a newbie surfer staying in Sawmill, a small coastal town in NSW, where she is searching for hidden treasure that could solve all her problems. She finds the treasure and discovers that she holds the key to halt a destructive land development. The malicious developer will go to any length to get his hands on the plans.

The international crims eventually catch up with Sam. There is a climactic fight in which people die. Sam prevails and looks to a brighter future.

The novel is about 95,000 words and is complete. It has been professionally edited.

‘Killer Plan’ will appeal to young women who enjoy adventure thrillers with a strong female lead protagonist. Sam is a flawed heroine who, through her exploits, comes to a greater understanding of loyalty and ethical values.

The novel has the potential for international sales in Canada and the USA, given its main character’s origins and the local (fictional) Australian setting.

Excerpt of Killer Plan

Black Sesame – in progress

Someone’s trying to scare Sam’s friend, Lazy Bob. What happens when they find out his boat, the Black Sesame, is made of human bones?

image: detail of installation by Bronwyn Lace